Public Sector Management Focal Point

Full time FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF SOMALIA in Management Email Job

Job Description

COUNTRY:         Federal Republic of Somalia (FRS)




Grant No.: IDA-E1360

Assignment Title: Public Sector Management Focal Point

Reference No.:             SO-MOF-390325-CS-INDV

Place of assignment:       National Civil Service Commission – Mogadishu, Somalia

Submission deadline:                20th December 2023

  1. Background:

The World Bank, through the Somalia Enhancing Public Resource Management Project (SERP), is supporting Somalia to improve institutions and service delivery with a view to strengthening the social contract. This is part of a broader effort to build state legitimacy and reduce institutional fragmentation. For Somali citizens to be willing to contribute to public revenues, they must trust in the state’s capability to discharge its basic functions and deliver public services. Similar trust is required to boost external funding for essential services and humanitarian support, such as for drought and famine, and to channel these via government institutions and systems. This requires, on the one hand, bolstering the institutional capacity of the state, addressing fragmentation, and strengthening transparency and accountability in managing public resources.

SERP will assist Somali governments by focusing on synergies and interconnectedness between improving domestic revenue mobilization (DRM), public financial management (PFM), and public sector management (PSM).1 Integration of revenue, expenditure, and service delivery will in time improve formal tax collection, strengthen legitimacy, and reduce the role of non-state actors. This operation consolidates the Banks’s efforts and will do so in the context of the whole of the Somali peninsula, aiming for a consistent reform agenda across the Somali governments while customizing its interventions to the needs of a given level of government;

  1. The National Civil Service Commission of the Federal Republic of Somalia seeks an experienced, highly qualified, and committed PSM Focal Point for the SERP. The Focal Point will be the lead person on Public Sector Management Reforms and will work closely with the NCSC DG, Chairperson, SERP Project Coordinator, and otheR

senior officials at the respective MDAs of FGS and FMSs including Ministries of Finance, Labors, National Civil Service Commission, FMS civil service commissions and other relevant Government institutions at all levels (Federal & Federal Member States)

  1. Building robust Public Sector Management Implementation systems and processes will be essential steps in making the Civil Service Commissions FGS and FMS more effective institution that are able to deliver basic public services to the people of Somalia. PSM reforms are a national priority and key to fiscal and socio- economic development

iii.            The PSM reforms specifically aim to: Improve transparency and openness of the national public administration strategy; Enhance restructuring and modernization of concern government institutions through internal and external controls; Focus on priority areas of Government programs specifically National Public Administration Reform Strategy Framework to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of public service and strengthen overall strengthening public sector management and accountability

  1. The PSM reforms are anchored on four platforms: (i) instituting PSM fundamentals for credible service delivery; (ii) effective implementation of National Public Administration Reform Strategy priorities and accountability; (iii) effective implementation of Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Laws, and contributing new policy initiative and preparation; and (iv) institutional structures; Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM); Public Service Human Resource Management Information Systems (PSHMIS); and cross-cutting issues.
  2. Public Sector Management Focal Point will anchor the reform and capacity-building efforts. A qualified Civil Service Commission PSM Focal Point on SERP Project will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the PSM reform activities and serve as the key interlocutor for the Public Sector Implementation Teams (CIT) and ensure proper sequencing of activities expected to be funded by SERP Project.
  3. The Objective of the Position:

The PSM Focal Point will be responsible for the coordination, implementation and support on public administration reform matters. He/ She shall be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the National Civil Service Commissions FGS and FMS in general.


To Ensure the effective implementation of the Public Service Reform programs through institutionalizing all the existing policies and procedures and capacity among the NCSC Departments to develop the overall NCSC growth and transformation strategy including its long-term strategic direction to guide systematic, consistent and sustainable development.

  1. Key Responsibilities and Duties include:

Under the strategic leadership of the National Civil Service Commission, the PSM Focal Point shall perform the following specific duties:

Coordinate overall Public Sector Management activities including Ministries of Labours and Civil Service Commissions both FGS and FMS.

Prepare and follow through a phased program of action to ensure coordination of efforts in implementing public administration key issues,

Develop and strengthen collaboration with all concerned Component Implementation team including FGS and FMS PSM focal points and Technical Advisers in the Civil Service Commissions and Ministries of Labours FGS and FMS to facilitate their understanding and support of the PSM reform objectives;

Provide technical support implementation of all public administration reforms that had been made last five years including Pay and Grading, Pension, Administrative Regulations, Laws, and upcoming policy initiatives;

Provide necessary technical support to all consultative meetings for the pay and grading technical reform Committee transitioning MDAs to the new P&G system, including P&G-related raising awareness and communication activities;

Coordinate all consultation meetings for the intergovernmental forum on Public Administration Reform (FGS and FMSs);

ConTribute and provide technical input on periodic review of the Project Implementation Manual Specifically Public Sector Management areas;

Initiation and coordination of the preparation of Public Sector Management consolidated annual work plan based on a standardized format;

Coordinating the preparation, monitoring and reporting on the execution of the overall Public Sector Management consolidated procurement plan of the Project for the procurement of goods, non-consulting services and consulting services consistent with World Bank procurement guidelines and the specific provisions of the Grant Agreement;

Coordinate Public Administration Forum meetings and provide necessary technical support to local and international consultants engaged under the PSM;

Coordinating preparation of periodic Public Sector Management Reports by collaborating FGS and FMS Civil Service Commissions Focal Points and Technical Advisers and onward transmission to the PCU Unit at the Ministry of Finance;

Contribute preparation of the Government Implementation Completion Report (ICR) at the end of the project; and

Carrying out other functions related to the PSM that will, from time to time

Skills and Qualifications

Possess a relevant Master’s degree in project management, economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, or any other relevant field, with a minimum of 7 years’ experience working on government and Somalia context, three (3) years of which should have been in a leadership position in the Public Service;

with strong leadership in and PSM environment;

Reputable individual with good characteristics, knowledge, skills, and proven capability in Civil Service Commissions both FGS and FMS, and sound understanding of public administration legal framework practices;

Knowledge of Somalia generally and the sensitivity to the underlying state of fragility and the prevailing adversity in particular

Demonstrated ability to lead a multi-disciplinary project management team, build effective working relations with colleagues and clients, and capable of working under pressure, with good experience in managerial skills including leadership, problem-solving skills, influencing skills, communication skills and also understanding how all parts of the stakeholders work together.

Proven experience in coordinating, cooperating, and negotiating with high-level Government officials;

Proven record of ethical good conduct with high integrity and moral values Having a trackable and clean record of the past experience

Readiness to work in a multi-cultural environment and respond work to tight deadlines on a continual basis

ExCellent communication skills both Somali and English;

  1. Expected Deliverables

Public Sector Management Annual Work Plan (AWP) Public Sector Management Quarterly Progress Reports Public Administration Forum Reports (PAFR)

Record keeping of all Public Sector Management activities

Written inputs to inform finalization of aide-memories when is needed.

  1. Consultant’s Reporting Obligations and Deliverables:

The consultant as the National Civil Service Commission Public Sector Management (PSM) Focal Point will report directly to the NCSC Director General/ Chairman. In addition, he/she will work closely with SERP Project Coordinator PCU at the Ministry of Finance FGS.

The National Civil Service Commission now invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the above-mentioned services. Interested consultants must provide the following: (i) Curriculum Vitae (CV), with 3 reference persons; (ii) copies of certificates of academic qualifications; and (iii) cover letter indicating that they are qualified to perform the services.

How to apply

The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to section III, para 3.14,3.16 & 3.17 of the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF

Borrowers: Procurement in Investment Projects Financing Goods, Works, Non -Consulting and Consulting Services, July 2016, revised November 2017, August 2018 and November 2020 (“Procurement Regulations”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant method set out in the World Bank Procurement Regulations.

  1. Duration of Assignment: The National Civil Service Commission Public Sector Management (PSM) Focal Point shall be contracted for an initial one-year period, with possibility for extension for additional year(s) based on satisfactory performance.

How to Apply

Interested  candidates  who  meet,













or  Cc





to,, on or before at 16:00 hours to the address below by 20th December, 2023, with email subject marked clearly as “ Public

Sector Management Focal Point – REF: SO-MOF-390325-CS-INDV. Female Candidates are strongly encouraged.

The selection process will begin as soon as possible after the closing date. NCSC accepts duly completed applications submitted through the NCSC e-Recruitment system. Selected candidates will be invited.